Grå kam-fluesvamp (Amanita vaginata) Grå kamskivling (Amanita vaginata) Grå ringløs fluesopp (Amanita vaginata) Harmaakärpässieni (Amanita vaginata) Amanita vaginata
Grauer Scheidenstreifling (Amanita vaginata) Amanite vaginée (Amanita vaginata) Grijze slanke amaniet (Amanita vaginata) Amanita vaginata Amanita vaginata


Enemærket Skov, Århus, Danmark




Amanita vaginata photo

Amanita vaginata photo

Amanita vaginata © Biopix: JC Schou

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Amanita vaginata Photo 37260 Amanita vaginata Photo 108576 Amanita vaginata Photo 37262 Amanita vaginata Photo 37261 Amanita vaginata Photo 108577 Amanita vaginata Photo 37877 Amanita vaginata Photo 37876

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Danish Redlist Status: LC (Least Concern)



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