Gotlandsk sandarve (Arenaria gothica) Kalknarv (Arenaria gothica) Gotlandsarve (Arenaria gothica)  (Arenaria gothica) Arenaria gothica
Arenaria gothica Arenaria gothica Arenaria gothica Arenaria gothica Arenaria gothica


Österplana Hed, Kinnekulle, Sverige




Findes kun på Gotland og Kinnekulle i Sverige.

Arenaria gothica photo

Arenaria gothica photo

Arenaria gothica © Biopix: IN Nielsen

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Arenaria gothica Photo 111488 Arenaria gothica Photo 111487 Arenaria gothica Photo 111486 Arenaria gothica Photo 111485

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Key literature: Dansk Flora (Frederiksen et al. 2012)



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