Dværg-stjernebold (Geastrum schmidelii) Geastrum schmidelii Geastrum schmidelii Geastrum schmidelii Dwarf Earthstar (Geastrum schmidelii)
Kleiner Erdstern (Geastrum schmidelii) Geastrum schmidelii Heideaardster (Geastrum schmidelii) Geastrum schmidelii Dwarf Earthstar (Geastrum schmidelii)


Melby Overdrev, Nordsjælland




Dwarf Earthstar (Geastrum schmidelii) photo

Dwarf Earthstar (Geastrum schmidelii) photo

Geastrum schmidelii © Biopix: S Drozd Lund

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Dwarf Earthstar (Geastrum schmidelii) Photo 84227 Dwarf Earthstar (Geastrum schmidelii) Photo 84226

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Danish Redlist Status: LC (Least Concern)



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