Stor hornugle (Bubo bubo) berguv (Bubo bubo) hubro (Bubo bubo) Huuhkaja (Bubo bubo) eagle owl (Bubo bubo)
Uhu (Bubo bubo) Grand-duc d'Europe (Bubo bubo) Oehoe (Bubo bubo) Búho Real (Bubo bubo) eagle owl (Bubo bubo)


Kongerslev, Himmerland, Danmark




eagle owl (Bubo bubo) photo

eagle owl (Bubo bubo) photo

Bubo bubo © Biopix: JC Schou

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eagle owl (Bubo bubo) Photo 64204 eagle owl (Bubo bubo) Photo 67789 eagle owl (Bubo bubo) Photo 103851 eagle owl (Bubo bubo) Photo 103850 eagle owl (Bubo bubo) Photo 67790 eagle owl (Bubo bubo) Photo 64233 eagle owl (Bubo bubo) Photo 64232

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Danish Redlist Status: NT•• (not assigned)



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