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Genus Trachelipus

Trachelipus rathkii
Trachelipus rathkii

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Steen has found a remarkable beetle!
Steen found the beetle Gnorimus nobilis (in Danish Grøn Pragttorbist) in Allindelille Fredskov!

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Broad-leaved Fireweed, River Beauty (Epilobium latifolium) Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria) Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus) Ivy Broomrape (Orobanche hederae) Common Sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos) Drooping Saxifrage (Saxifraga cernua) Xysticus kochi Scentless Mayweed (Tripleurospermum perforatum)


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