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Genus Callitriche

Pedunculate Water-Starwort (Callitriche brutia)
Callitriche brutia
Callitriche cophocarpa
Callitriche cophocarpa
Intermediate Water-starwort (Callitriche hamulata)
Callitriche hamulata
Autumnal Water-starwort (Callitriche hermaphroditica)
Callitriche hermaphroditica
Blunt-fruited Water-starwort (Callitriche obtusangula)
Callitriche obtusangula
Lesser Water-starwort (Callitriche palustris)
Callitriche palustris
Various-Leaved Water-Starwort (Callitriche platycarpa)
Callitriche platycarpa
Callitriche sp.
Callitriche sp.
Common Water-starwort (Callitriche stagnalis)
Callitriche stagnalis

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