Aricia eumedon Brun blåvinge    Brun blåvinge Ruskosinisiipi Geranium Argus
Aricia eumedon Aricia eumedon Aricia eumedon Aricia eumedon Geranium Argus


Gotland, Sverige




Geranium Argus (Aricia eumedon) photo

Geranium Argus (Aricia eumedon) photo

Aricia eumedon © Biopix: S Drozd Lund

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Geranium Argus (Aricia eumedon) Photo 88756 Geranium Argus (Aricia eumedon) Photo 88758 Geranium Argus (Aricia eumedon) Photo 88757 Geranium Argus (Aricia eumedon) Photo 86313

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Aricia eumedon (Esper, 1780)



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