Buderupholm Bjergskov, Rold Skov, Jylland, Danmark



Hieracium integratum photo

Hieracium integratum photo
Hieracium integratum © Biopix: JC Schou
Buderupholm Bjergskov, Rold Skov, Jylland, Danmark
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This species is characterised by the shape of the rosette-leaves and by the indumentum of the phyllaries consisting of only glandular hairs and a margin of stellate hairs.
In Denmark very rare and only found on more or less open, calcareous ground in a beech-forest in Buderupholm Bjergskov near Skørping, Jylland.

25,0 cm-60,0 cm

Key literature: Danmarks Høgeurter - The Pilosella and Hieracium species of Denmark (Schou 2001)

Hieracium integratum (Dahlstedt ex Stenström) Dahlstedt
Basionym H. silvaticum ssp. integratum Dahlst. ex Stenstr. i Stenström, K. O. E., 1889: Värmländska Archieracier. Uppsala. p. 21. pro sp. Dahlstedt, H., 1892: Herbarium Hieraciorum Scandinaviae I 54-55.

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