Tidlig rødtop åkerrödtoppa Åkerraudtopp Odontites vernus Red Bartsia
Ackerzahntrost Odontites vernus Akkerogentroost Odontites vernus Red Bartsia




Hobro, grusgrav v Nordre Kirkegård




Red Bartsia (Odontites vernus)

Red Bartsia (Odontites vernus)

Odontites vernus Photo © Biopix: JC Schou

Red Bartsia (Odontites vernus) Red Bartsia (Odontites vernus)

Stem with 1-4 pair of short, erect branches from above the middle. Stemleaves widest at the bases. Racemes short and rather dense. Bracts longer than the flower. Calyx-teeth narrowly triangular and as long as the flowertube.
Introduced an rather rare in Denmark. Mostly found in rye-fields and on wasteplaces.

100,0-250,0 mm.

Odontites vernus (Bellardi) Dumort.
Synonym: O. ruber Pers. ex Besser ssp. vernus (Bellardi) Vollm.




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