Smalbladet Hanekro (Galeopsis angustifolia) Kalkdån (Galeopsis angustifolia) Smaldå (Galeopsis angustifolia) Kaitapillike' (Galeopsis angustifolia) Red Hemp-Nettle (Galeopsis angustifolia)
Schmalblättriger Hohlzahn (Galeopsis angustifolia) Galepsis à feuilles aigües (Galeopsis angustifolia) Smalle raai (Galeopsis angustifolia) Galeopsis angustifolia Red Hemp-Nettle (Galeopsis angustifolia)


Rødbyhavn, Denmark




Red Hemp-Nettle (Galeopsis angustifolia) photo

Red Hemp-Nettle (Galeopsis angustifolia) photo

Galeopsis angustifolia © Biopix: S Drozd Lund

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Red Hemp-Nettle (Galeopsis angustifolia) Photo 82656 Red Hemp-Nettle (Galeopsis angustifolia) Photo 82655

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Danish Redlist Status: NA (not assigned)

Key literature: Dansk Flora (Frederiksen et al. 2012)



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