Lille Vildmose



Sunrise photo

Sunrise photo
Solopgang © Biopix: N Sloth
Lille Vildmose
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Sunrise Photo 127379
Sunrise Photo 65095
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Sunrise Photo 127380
Sunrise Photo 127378
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Sunrise Photo 76175
Sunrise Photo 76159
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Sunrise Photo 30005

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Polyporus squamosus Northern phainopepla (Phainopepla nitens) Elder-flowered Orchid (Dactylorhiza sambucina) Common Tree Frog, European Tree Frog (Hyla arborea) Green Field Speedwell (Veronica agrestis) Red-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis cabonaria) Bladder snail (Physa fontinalis) Yellowhead jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons)


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