Gulgrøn mankelav (Alectoria sarmentosa) Garnlav (Alectoria sarmentosa) Alectoria sarmentosa Korpiluppo, partajäkälä (Alectoria sarmentosa) Witch hair (Alectoria sarmentosa)
Bartflechte (Alectoria sarmentosa) Alectoria sarmentosa Alectoria sarmentosa Alectoria sarmentosa Witch hair (Alectoria sarmentosa)


Syöte nationalpark, Finland




Witch hair (Alectoria sarmentosa) photo

Witch hair (Alectoria sarmentosa) photo

Alectoria sarmentosa © Biopix: A Neumann

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Witch hair (Alectoria sarmentosa) Photo 62835 Witch hair (Alectoria sarmentosa) Photo 62832

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Alectoria sarmentosa (Ach.) Ach. ssp. vexillifera (Nyl.) D. Hawksw.



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